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Critique and Semiotics
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Kritika i Semiotika (Critique and Semiotics)
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Process for Submission and Publication

The file with the text of the paper and two additional files should be sent to the editor's office (; in the electronic version. The file with the text of the paper and the first additional file should be sent in the format Word for Windows or RTF (the text of the paper should also be sent in the PDF format). The second additional file should be sent in the JPG format.

It should be noted that the author, transmitting the manuscript of the paper (work) to the editorial board of the journal, thereby gives it the right to use the transmitted materials in the journal in the following ways: publication, reproduction, distribution, bringing the work to the public by posting on the Internet, as well as translation into foreign languages, including the same actions regarding the translated work.

After receiving the paper and additional texts, the editors check the compliance of the paper with the formal requirements. In case of non-compliance with the formal requirements, the paper is returned to the author for revision.

If all formal requirements are met, the editorial board shall forward the paper to the reviewer who is an expert in the field. After receiving the paper the reviewer writes a review in a free manner, in which he/she assesses a degree of compliance of the paper to the subject of the journal, importance and topicality of the work, theoretical significance and newness of approach to the research under review, acceptable scientific style and formal presentation of the paper. Taking into account the opinion of the reviewer, the editors decide to accept the paper for publication, return for revision, or refuse to publish. The paper can be also forwarded to the author for rewriting with the expected new reviewing in an established order, or the author can be rejected in acceptance for publication. The papers are considered, reviewed and published in turn.

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