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Table of Content of Issue 1, 2024

Sergey S. Avanesov
The Negative Semiosis of Abhidharma and Self-Negation of Human
In detail
Suren T. Zolyan
Mechanisms of Constructing National History and Historical Memory in Movses Khorenatsi’s “History of Armenia”
In detail
Tigran S. Simyan
Artavazd Pelechian’s “Montage-at-a-Distance” in Semiotic Perspective (By the Example Director’s Theoretical Essays)
In detail
Aleksei I. Silantev
Narrative Strategies of Post-Soviet Discourse
In detail
Maksim A. Krongauz
Mechanisms of Humor in a Short Form of Internet Poetry (“Poroshok”)
In detail
Timur B. Radbil
Revealing the Evaluative Potential of a Neutral Word in Poetry (According to the Data of Internet Poetry Corps)
In detail
Marzieh Yahyapour, Janolah Karimi-Motahhar, Evgeny R. Ponomarev
Saadi and Bunin under the Shadow of Humay
In detail
Elena V. Kapinos
Poems by Vitaly Ryabinin in Vladivostok Periodicals in 1919–1920
In detail
Literary Life of Vladivostok on the Pages of the Satirical Magazine “Blokha” (“Flea”) (1920–1921)
Literary Life of Vladivostok on the Pages of the Satirical Magazine “Blokha” (“Flea”) (1920–1921)
In detail
Tatiana I. Kovaleva, Igor E. Loshchilov
Victor Sosnora’s Poem “Buffoons” (1959): Text and Contexts
In detail
Vladimir K. Vasiliev
The Path “from Tavern to the Temple” and “from the Regional Executive Committee to the Tavern” in the Story of V. M. Shukshin “The Master”
In detail
Alexander I. Kulyapin
“Where Should We Go?” The Poetics of V. M. Shukshin’s Short Story “Cherednichenko and the Circus”
In detail
Yulia A. Govorukhina
“On the Borders of Common Communication”: Semiotic-Phenomenological Aspect of M. Stepanova’s Reader’s Reflection
In detail
Valerij V. Maroshi
The Dog-Heads in Modern Russian Literature: Between the Monster and Christ
In detail
Ilya M. Plotnikov
Existence as a Component of Semantics and Communicative Paradigmatic of Existential Sentences
In detail
Aziyana V. Bayyr-ool
On the Topic Function of the Particle aan ‘That Is, Exactly’ in Tuvan
In detail
Natalya N. Fedina, Timofey V. Тimkin
The Writing System Project for the Threatened Unwritten Chalkan Language
In detail
Ekaterina I. Ismagilova, Natalya V. Leonova; Elena V. Fedotova
In the Footsteps of one Chuvash Text: From the Irkutsk Region to the Danube
In detail
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